Domestic Storage

Domestic Illawarra Self-Storage

Are you moving but your new house is not ready yet?
Looking for a solution?

At Illawarra Self Storage, we rent quality Illawarra self-storage units where you can store your furniture and other important items at affordable prices without any hindrance. Our services guarantee you dry, clean and Illawarra safe storage solutions for domestic requisites. You can keep every important item of your house from a washing machine to clothing items; in fact, anything in accordance to your needs.


24-hour access

Illawarra Self Storage provides 24-hour access to your storage units. In that case, you can drive your van or car to our storage unit doors and load your cargo without confronting any lifts or corridors. Our storage units are available in various sizes to fit your requisites and satisfy your needs. At the same time, storage units can only be accessed by you and nobody else.

Illawarra Self Storage Security

Illawarra Self Storage provides very high standard security locks for the safety of the goods of our clients. We ensure that you are the only person in possession of the key to open your storage unit. Since clients can access their storage unit at any time of day and night we ensure that everything is monitored appropriately. With extra locks and security of storage units, our services always provide the best security measures for the safety of our client's goods.

Contact us for more details on domestic Illawarra self-storage unit and we promise you a swift response for your benefit.



We have established a reputation for our quality services since we guarantee safety and security of your goods all the time.

Their services are exceptional and best in the city. These guys were very quick to accommodate my needs without any problem.

John Doe

You will be in peace when your goods are stored in Self Storage. From my point of view, they offer convenient services at affordable rates.

Johny Vu

I love this storage company for their easy access and fantastic storage units. At the same time, my goods are always secure and stay in excellent conditions.

Frankie Kao